Play Cupid At Kodanda Archery Range

February is the love month. It’s that special month when you’re hoping Cupid comes around to shoot you an over dose of romance.

If Cupid’s arrow has already hit you, then you’d want this month to be very romantic for you and your date. Well, you can.

Celebrate your love at Kodanda Archery Range. With four branches now open, you can find a Kodanda Archery Range near you. The latest branch to open is in Eastwood Cyber Mall.

Feel free to visit this new Kodanda Archery Range on the second floor of the Cyber and Fashion Mall. It opens at 11 am until 9 pm.

This is a perfect date place. Bring your date, shoot a couple of arrows, and have a great time.

Even if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, Kodanda Archery Range is still the place where you can hang out. Shoot a couple of arrows and who knows? Cupid might just be around the corner, aiming for you.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. Do you actually know why Cupid shoots arrows? Well, Cupid does that just so he could incite the romantic and sexy side of his target.

Have you actually wondered who Cupid is? If you’ve always thought that Cupid is that cute little, angelic boy; well you’re wrong.

While he has been depicted to be such, Cupid is actually that Greek mythological character named Eros.

That explains why archery is such a romantic game. There is a purpose why those arrows are being aimed and shot.

So whether you’ve been hit by cupid or not, well, you can still have a grand time in Kodanda Archery Range.

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