Green Archers Enjoy A Fun Day At Kodanda

The Green Archers of 5D La Salle Greenhills

Guess who dropped by at the Kodanda Archery Range in Eastwood? The Green Archers! Yes! They came. They conquered. They cleaned the floor.

Wax, Mat, Santi, Caesar, and KD having fun on the floor. Thanks for cleaning it, guys.

Oh BTW, they also played archery. After all, they are the Green Archers, aren’t they? They’re meant to play archery.

Green Archers, listen up!
Finally, there was silence. The first batch of Green Archers get really serious.
The second batch of Green Archers get serious as well.
Cone on boys, get your own arrows.
Raymond, Vito, Santi, Caesar (hidden), and KD. That’s KD’s pretty sister at the far right.
From left to right: Andre, Wax, Ralph, Aaron, W. Santi (sitting on the chair), and Juigo

March 17 was an exciting day at Kodanda Archery range in Eastwood when a couple of smart, pretty, and awesome moms thought of taking their ten-year-old Green Archers to experience the fun of archery. That was an excellent thought because these ten-year-old Green Archers were just natural with the bow and arrow.

Kodanda Archery range is a perfect venue for a fun play date with the kids. Moms can relax and watch their kids channel their energy into focusing on the target. In other words, it’s really a great way to tame the wild energy of their cute kids.

So for all the awesome and hardworking moms out there, Kodanda Archery Range is the perfect place for you to have one relaxing and fun play date.

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One thought on “Green Archers Enjoy A Fun Day At Kodanda

  • Looks like the boys had fun. They’re so cute. I’m definitely considering archery as our next play day activity It;s summer time and we have to keep the kids active. If not, they’ll just end up playing with gadgets. and that’s not healthy.


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