Archer Of The Week: Jhoan Inciong

Archer Of The Week; Jhoan Inciong

The latest from Kodanda Archery is the Archer Of The Week. We’re going to be choosing and featuring an outstanding archer every week. For this week, we are happy to announce that it’s Jhoan Inciong.

Get to know her now.

KA: What made you decide to try archery?

I love learning new things. Paired with the nature of my work and lifestyle, I decided that I would best look for a new sport for enjoyment, as well as stress relief. I’ve always been interested in archery, and I found that it is a perfect sport you can engage in individually, where you can get some focus, is inclusive of any age or skill, and is a good overall regular workout that you can have at your own time and pace.

KA: Now that you’re shooting regularly, what aspects of archery do you like or enjoy?

As in any skill, the more you practice, the more you improve. Archery is gratuitous in the sense that you can actually see the results of doing it regularly with every shot. Mostly, I admit that I enjoy the company of the staff in the range as well, and I look forward to chatting with them, as well as getting guidance, whenever I shoot.

KA: What’s your archery experience in Kodanda like?

I enjoy going to the range whenever I shoot. While my primary purpose in taking up Archery was to get some head space, I was pleasantly surprised that I would get to really value the experience of being with the people in the range as well. I advanced by taking up lessons in Kodanda, and now I still continue to improve and learn the sport there while being part of its community.

Jhoan bagged the gold for the Beginner Girls 10 Meters in the Kodanda Makati Summer Fun Shoot held last May 14. BTW, she’s also a lawyer 🙂

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