Enjoy Some Smooth Retro Music In Kodanda Makati


It’s the weekend and what better way to spend it but to enjoy some archery and listen to some smooth retro music.

You can do that in Kodanda Makati. With the wide array of vinyl records available in this particular range, you’ll find some great music to chill to.

Spinners: If you search for “spinners” online, you’re going to get a lot of information on the fidget toy. You’d have to look thru a couple of pages online to learn more about this American R&B group. Anyway, the Spinners are an American R & B group from Detroit. One of their greatest hits is I’ll  Be Around. To this day, they’re still pretty much around. They have great songs. Check out the videos below.

You can find a vast array of R&B music in Kodanda Makati.  Listen to the smooth music of George Benson and Al Jerreau.

So if you do find yourself in Kodanda Makati, check out these awesome long playing albums.

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