Archer Of The Week: Khyser Martin E. Salvador

Our Archer For The Week is a 15-year-old archery enthusiast from Kodanda MOA named Khyser.

What made you decide to try archery?

I admired heroes like Hawkeye and Green Arrow. When I was younger, I got my hands on a bamboo bow once in Bicol and had fun shooting I wanted to continue after that, so I started again at Kodanda.

Now that you’re shooting regularly, what aspects of archery do you like or enjoy?

The satisfaction of hitting a bullseye is a feeling that you remember and shooting a bow [sic] is a great stress reliever too.

What’s your archery experience in Kodanda like?

I learned a lot here at Kodanda, how to aim, stand, hold. I got better after taking lessons here. I had a lot of fun at Kodanda and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is interested.

Thanks, Khyser. Keep your eye on the bullseye.

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