Archers Of The Week

Guess what …For this week, we don’t just have an Archer Of The Week but Archers Of The Week. You better take a good look them because our Archers Of The Week are really pretty.

Meet Alexi and Jerica Chingcuangco, together with their cousin Michelle Fry. The other pretty girl is Michelle’s mom, Nina.

What made them try out archery?

It’s not your usual gimmick/bonding activity, and it’s inclusive to every player even if they’ve never tried it before.

When asked about what they enjoy about archery, they have this to say:

The focus you get when you’re aiming for bullseye. The camaraderie shared among the players!

How’s archery like in Kodanda?

Pleasant, easy and carefree!

Thanks, pretty ladies. See you again.

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