Archer Of The Week: Ezra Nicole C. Basto

Our Archer Of The Week is Ezra Nicole C. Basto. She’s very passionate about archery and it shows.

What made you try out archery?

Precision …it’s always my weakness. Another is that, i grew up learning Asian martial arts and i will never let the chance of trying this art pass.

What is it about archery that you enjoy the most?

I like it when i give my overall focus especially here. I like that feeling when you aim for the target like how you are applying it in your everyday life.

How’s archery like in Kodanda?

It’s great! I never regretted trying my first shoot at Kodanda Archery. Trainers are awesome, friendly, & very personal.

Ezra, indeed, is a very fast learner. She’s a great student and it’s always nice to have her in the range. Keep on hitting the bullseye, Ezra!

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