Archer Of The Week: Harry Van Lal Rin

Our Archer Of The is Harry Van Lal Rin.

1. What made you decide to try archery?

As a kid I watched a lot of movies especially Robinhood so when I was growing up I just had the urge to give it a shot.

2. Now that you’re shooting regularly, what aspects of archery do you like or enjoy?

I really enjoy shooting the right target points. I felt like I am accomplishing something.

3. What’s your archery experience in Kodanda like?

It is nice just even the fact that it is spacious and airconditioned; we can just practice it here rather than find another place to practice.

4. Why do you like archery?

First of all it feels awesome. Second of all it reminds us to do things the right way. And lastly because I just LOVE IT.

Thanks for choosing Kodanda, Harry. It’s always nice to have you in the range.

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